Rolex Submariner 116613 lb – 97203

When mentioned the Rolex Submariner 116613 lb – 97203, apart from its oyster case, Mercedes-type pointers and magnifying glass calendar, it also features other classic designs as follows:

Rolex Submariner ceramic word bezel

When it comes to the Submariner series, we have to discuss about the Rolex Cerachrom ceramic word bezel, as the biggest advantage of this watch bezel is its resistance to wear, and it is extremely bright to show the top grade. Cerachrom ceramic word bezel appeared in 2005, in order to make the ceramic word bezel show the perfect shape, Rolex took great pains first of all to heat the ceramic to 1500 degrees to make it harden and purify, and then carved the numbers contour on ceramic whose stiffness apparently can compete with the diamond. It took 40 hours to finish a word bezel of this type.

replica rolex submariner

replica rolex submariner

Rolex Submariner watch crown

The watch crown of the Rolex Submariner 116613 lb – 97203 is using the triplock winding crown, which can be said the Triple waterproofing system that Rolex specially reached and developed for the Submariner watches. This watch crown as firstly launched in the year of 1970, and after several times of technical improvement, the Three buckle lock device was composed of 10 groups of different parts, and you just need to screw tightly after fishing collocating to make the oyster watch case completely airtight, and the solid protection can compare with the submarine hatch.

Rolex Submariner watch dial

The watch surface is adopting the purely blue color dial, and the Anti-reflective convex lens calendar window magnifying of 2.5 times, Benz-type pointers, bubble reading and time scales are still following the classic feeling of the Submariner. Chromalight display is using Blue luminescent materials, whose blue light can continuously glow for 8 hours at the same environment, which is more than one hour when compared with normal fluorescent material.